Combination Boilers

Combination Boilers

A Combination System, better known as a Combi Boiler, is now the most popular method of providing hot water and central heating in the United Kingdom.

A Combination Boiler System

Combi Boilers have proven most popular because:

  • They save valuable space by removing all the loft tanks and hot water cylinder as well as the pump and control valve set up for the heating.
  • They provide almost instantaneous hot water but prove much more efficient because they only heat the water required at the time the tap is opened, so there's no wasted energy on heating an entire cylinder of unwanted water.

Bad Points:

  • If the boiler develops a fault generally you will loose both heating and hot water because there is no back up storage tank with an immersion as opposed to a conventional system.
  • Sometimes have problems of water starvation, i.e. if the kitchen tap is turned on whilst the shower is in use the water pressure will drop and the hot water will be reduced.

Combi Boilers are ideal for any installation where you are tight on space or if the demand for hot water and an airing cupboard isn't so great. If you do choose a combi, please use a reliable brand such as Vaillant or Worcester as they can deliver outstanding hot water performance.

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