Condensing Boilers

Condensing Boilers

Because of the change in the Government Building Regulations released in 2005, they require all new domestic heating installations that use natural gas in Britain to be done using a Condensing appliance. There are few scenarios where they will exempt you from this regulation and allow you to use a standard boiler.

This change is directly involved with the focus on climate change and has the aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire country. It is said that around 25% of Britain ’s carbon monoxide emissions come from wasted energy powering our homes. Older boilers, generally 10 years or more are around 50% efficient. With this statistic the other 50% of the heat produced goes straight out of the flue/chimney to outside. Condensing boilers have the ability through a secondary heat exchanger to extract far more heat. In fact, some of the high efficiency boilers are up to 98% efficient having a massive impact on your carbon footprint and more importantly your heating bill.

The only downside to Condensing boilers is that the products that expel from the flue are water vapour in the form of a steam cloud. This can in turn become a nuisance to neighbours. This is becoming less of a problem because all manufacturers make a Plume (steam) management kit allowing you to direct the steam away from boundaries.

Condensing boilers simply means high efficiency. The type of system you have installed would be decided by yourself based on advice from us upon completion of an onsite survey.

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