Power Flush Machines

Power Flush Machines

A Power Flushing System



Power Flushing Procedure

We will attach a powerful high flow rate acid resistant pump directly to your system. The addition of chemicals such as Sentinel X800 removes the substance known as Magnetite Sludge which causes constant air release and cold spots.

Once the chemical has had sufficient circulation the machine will dump the contaminated water and replenish it with clean mains water. Imagine diluting a soft drink with water, the colour gets light and lighter the more water you add.

Power flushing is aimed at removing the substance called Magnetite Sludge; which is present in most heating systems that are over 10 years old and newer systems that have not been inhibited correctly. The presence of Magnetite sludge can cause many problems, such as:

  • Uneven heat across radiators - the build up of sludge at the bottom of radiators prevents the system water circulating and warming the radiator.
  • Blockages - if sludge becomes loose it can dislodge and block flow/return pipes and prevent radiators working at all.
  • The need to regularly bleed your radiators - Magnetite Sludge slowly releases a chemical called Hydrogen which in turns collects at the top of the radiators and stops them getting hot.
  • Dirty system water - this can lead to increased maintenance on moving parts, such as pumps and valves which causes an increased stress on the boiler.

All of the above can lead to a very inefficient system which has a direct impact on the size of your heating bill. So if you want to restore the contents of your heating system to almost new and have the correct level or inhibitors present, please fill out the quotation form online or contact us for more information.